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I Love the Word ‘Premortem’

My philosophy is to do a premortem before you have to perform a postmortem. I recently attended a great webinar hosted by Guy Kawasaki. He touched upon the reasoning to look at doing a premortem. Here is the link:

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Welcome all to my new information technology blog.

I look forward to discussing many topics and sharing information, ideas, philosophies and exciting news with all of you on information systems, service delivery management, and emerging technologies. There will be a focus on how to deliver high reliability to streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, improve consistent performance and maximize profitability. I confess I will also digress on my personal interest in motivation and leadership…as well as my hobby of antique cars and classic car cruises. I look forward to helping drive your organization and engaging in great conversations.

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Stephen grew up in NYC and has the drive and determination that come with it.

He has been an automotive enthusiast since young and now is a collector and restorer of vintage and classics with a love for period correct Muscle Cars as well. Read More...