A Ninja seeks to optimize usage of right skills at the right place and at the right time in the right quantity. A Ninja’s qualities are great for an IT leader they are very careful and precise, display a high attention to detail; have High personal standards, Team-oriented, and flexible.





Ninja’s utilized a large variety of tools and weaponry, some of which are commonly known, but others are more specialized.

Global IT is no different. Technology is a tool that helps us help our organization and our clients.

Technology skill enhancement is an ongoing pursuit in Global IT just like the Ninja, that is the only way IT can equip our teams with the best tools to serve our clients. You need to align processes and practices with technology to ensure that best technical resources are utilized to provide an integrated service to the clients with accuracy just like the Ninja.  

Using technologies such as Business Intelligence and Web Services

Global IT Delivery
Global Delivery Model involves using optimal mix of onsite, offsite and offshore resources and vendor with every move the ninja works in close integration with client side resources to derive the best possible benefits for all parties concerned. As a ninja does he  seeks to optimize usage of right skills at the right place and at the right time in the right quantity. We must always be confident that our model delivers consistent and sustained cost savings that are commensurate with the scale of operations.
  We must always stay focused on standard framework for building and delivering reliable solutions and services
  Create alignment between business, operations and IT, Assurance of the best solution quality, Allocation of Tasks amongst the available global resources, which cuts down costs and delivery World-class customer services. Reducing costs while enhancing business performance though the us if Cloud Services, SaaS, IaaS and VDI
    Services and solutions are provided to the organization or clients at an optimum level of quality
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