You start at a company thats utilizing free software or services to operate their IT Department or were forced to venture down the path because of funding issues. Which relates to my post THE COMPANIES ORPHANED CHILD, THE IT DIVISION?

Using free software is like being given a new automobile with no options and driving it for the free period, it looks and feels great because its new and has a steering wheel, drives and stops.

UNTIL the time comes to purchase it or after they have purchased it

Then you find that the free vehicle they have relied on and have started configure only comes with limited support that takes three or four days to respond, has no SLA’s, no one answers the phone when you call and they only communicate via e-mail and chat sessions with language and words you can’t understand.

Then you find out it will cost more than it would have if they spent the capital upfront to purchase the automobile with the right performance package right off the bat.

The right tools are key to IT strategy. Executives and IT leaders need a simple way to view the enterprise through dashboards and other reporting tools. Utilizing well-known robust software suites can set and measure real-world KPIs to evaluate the organization’s total efficiency, strengths and risk areas that help management run the business of IT and perform better by deliver the power needed to create a performance-driven culture within their organization and demonstrate IT’s value to the rest of the business.




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