The existence of a quality service level and operational level agreement is of fundamental importance for any organization focused on quality service delivery. It essentially defines the formal relationship between the business and the IT division. It is related to response time for Medium, High and Critical issues, within the service delivery model, and is NOT an area for short-cutting.

As a company expands it has to revisit is SLA’s, and OlA’s between the departments given the area of coverage and the amount of FTE needed to cover the area or the amount of staff in the department providing services. The SlA’s will need adjustment as growth takes place. The fact is you either increase your staff or adjust your SLA.  

Many factors play into the making of good SLA or OLA

Clear definitions of service to be provided

Time related to response
Ticket open and close time

Business Hour vs. Work Hours
Performance, Tracking with MTTC and MTTR’s parameters

Departmental Agreements

The Recipient’s Duties and Responsibilities

This is an area, which too often is not given sufficient attention. This can lead to serious problems with the relationship, and indeed, serious issue with respect to the service itself and potentially the business itself.

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